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Where to find all of my favorite things:

Water Bottles

Hydration is so important. I prefer glass or stainless steel water bottles. I use THIS one while teaching fitness classes because the spout allows me to drink quickly. S’well bottles are so beautiful and your cold beverages stay cold all day and hot beverages hot for at least 8 hours.

Yoga Mat

The number one quality I look for in a yoga mat is grip. THIS is my favorite mat of that reason – and it comes in different lengths so I don’t have to adjust to stay on the mat.


As soon as THIS spiralizer was delivered my entire household began eating more vegetables. Yay! The kids love making the spirals and zucchini noodles are now their favorite. If you have limited counter space, THIS might be a better option.

Workout Attire

You have to wear something​ while working out so have some fun with it! I love loud leggings like THESE paired with plain top like THIS. I’ve found that when I feel good about what I’m wearing I look forward to working out more. Don’t judge…


Resistance training is a wonderful way to increase your metabolism for hours after working out. THIS pair are very comfortable to grip and come in fun colors. THESE adjustable dumbbells allow you to save a great deal of space.

Meal Management Bags

Preparation is key in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. THIS bag is a great way to organize all of your meals, snacks and water for a day away from home. If you prefer backpacks, check out THIS version.

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